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01793 512 432 5 Different passport photos against a white background, with country-flags super-imposed. From left to right: an Australian male, a Canadian female, an Indian male, a British baby and an American male.

We can take visa, passport and ID photos in all world formats & sizes. From Australia to Zambia, babies & toddlers to adults, we take compliant photos for every single country in the world.

With guaranteed results, your passport photos can be captured in our professional Swindon-based studio (free parking).

If you can’t visit us, we’ll come to you (for a small fee).

Wheelchair Friendly

Baby & Infant Friendly

All World Formats

A male poses for a passport photo. Highlighted in the image is the man's head, with annotations showing the correct width, height and framing of an approved passport photo.

Passport, Visa &
ID Photography

We take high quality photos for the following official documents:

  • Passports (including babies, toddlers, wheelchairs etc)
  • Visas (including OCI, USA, Canada etc)
  • Driving Licenses (UK & International)
  • Corporate IDs
  • Government IDs

Quality Guaranteed

We take care to take a photo which is perfectly to specification and all the new biometric reading regulations - we guarantee them. Whether you need a British, Polish, Indian, Canadian, US, German, Australian or other countries photos, come to us - you’ll have it right.

Quality Passport & ID photos require meticulous attention to detail, so we make sure everything is covered:

  • Facial Biometrics
  • Background
  • Lighting
  • Photography
  • High Quality Printing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a problem if I wear glasses? No.

No problem - we’re experienced at making sure there’s no reflection from your lenses. We will arrange the lighting in our studio to make sure that there is no glare. However, some countries ask you to remove your glasses at passport control.

Do you take baby passport photos? Yes.

How do you get a baby in a photographic booth?

How do you keep a toddler still in front of the camera?

Whether your child is a baby or toddler, yes, you can be sure we’ll get the a perfect, compliant photograph - in no time at all!

We’ve had years of experience taking wonderful passport photos for children and we guarantee our results.

Don’t forget us adults who want a great passport photo for the next 10 years!

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